Velleman, manufacturer and distributor of electronic kits from Gavere, uses a sequencer for the automatic assembly of their kits.  The machine is loaded with about 80 coils of resistors.  Depending on the kit to be assembled, the right resistors are automatically selected, assembled into a kit and wound onto a new coil.

After years of intensive use, a thorough service was required.  However, due to the age of the machine, spare parts were no longer available, so the purchase of a new sequencer was required.  As an alternative, Cadcamatic was contacted and asked if they could take care of the refurbishment.



The solution:

Cadcamatic designed, built and installed a new operating system. Not only did we take into account maintaining the current functionality of the machine, we also looked at improving its user-friendliness. 

In addition, the safety concept of the machine was examined. This was also adjusted during the conversion, so that the machine now meets the latest standards of the Machinery Directive.

In addition to the control system, all mechanical components were checked. All worn parts were replaced.

The advantages:   

New, modern control system with corresponding support and warranty that meets today's safety standards.

Modern user interface that makes operating and setting up the machine much easier. For Velleman, this means that they can train operators more easily and deploy them in a flexible way.

According to Yves Bryse, COO at Velleman, working with an "open mind" determined the choice to go with Cadcamatic. This proved very valuable as some unforeseen circumstances came up. Therefore consultation and transparency was necessary.  Solutions were proposed and implemented.

The result is impressive.  The machine has been given a new life.  At Velleman, they do not think they will ever wear out the machine again.

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