The Step-by-Step Welding system for CNH was developed entirely to measure by Cadcamatic. It enables a welder to perform complex welding sequences unambiguously and correctly. The system uses high-end laser projection to guide the welder through each phase. 

What are the advantages of this system?

Quality: The Step-by-Step Welding system prevents welds from being forgotten or applied in the wrong sequence. Each weld is projected directly from the CAD model onto the frame to be welded, resulting in a higher quality guarantee.

Flexibility: Welders can now be trained more quickly and easily, making production and production planning much more flexible. Our Step-by-Step Welding system is a unique solution that will make your projects faster and more accurate.

Would you like to discover more about our Step-by-Step Welding system? Interested in a tailor-made solution for your company?

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